Getting Ready for Rainy Days

Friday, June 21, 2013
Denim Jacket and Dress
Denim Jacket and Dress
Denim Jacket and Dress

 //Gray Dress from StyleCandy//
//Princess Cut Tatiana Shoulder Bag from Hued Bags//
//Necklace from Sugar-Rush//

Lately, the weather has been really bipolar. It will be sunny in the morning and it'll rain in the afternoons until late in the night. Some of my colleagues at work are already catching the cold virus and with that I have to up the ante by taking vitamins. It's gonna be difficult to have colds these days - with all the work and stuff. You guys also have to think about it - stock up on vitamins while you can. In fact, that's why I layered that dress with a thick denim jacket that came from my Tita and to keep things together, a little black and silver on my accessories does the trick. I also like how feminine my sandals are - it's the only one I own that's actually a stiletto - PS. I prefer flats, wedges and chunky heels over killer stilettos.  I mean what's the point of wearing a pretty pair of stilettos if you cant even walk well in them? That's a bummer. 

Also, I just need to talk about that gorgeous silver shoulder bag I'm wearing. It's actually from my fave shop - Hued Bags. (Hi Miss Joan!) Don't you just love the metal ware on that bag? It totally adds that rockin' vibe to the bag and can be paired with a lot of outfits too. Mind you, it's also available in Gold and sells for only PHP495! Now that is a steal! <3 

Uhm, I guess I need to stop talking now. I'll have a super busy weekend ahead of me due to TV shooting but oh well, I guess I'll enjoy it anyway. See you around lovelies and take care of yourselves this rainy season, k? :)


  1. nice dress!!! and bag too!

  2. I like this, looks super good! <3
    the bag is great!

  3. Great look! I'm loving the layered jean jacket or vest look for Spring & Summer this season - It's a great way to add a casual, fun twist to a classic summery look. :)

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