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Thursday, June 27, 2013
Hurray! I feel so much better now after almost a week of being sick :) Thank you friends for your prayers. I am now more ready to take on another day at work and most importantly at life. Yey! How have you been by the way? Has the weather affected you in any way these past few days? Hope you can share your thoughts on the comments section. For now, I won't be posting any OOTDs or Reviews. I still have a lot to post-process and write so that won't do for today. However, I have started a few weeks back my very own Insta-Diary for Summer (since most bloggers are doing 'em) - I decided to do one because I don't think I ever talk much about what I do aside from blogging or work. So I thought that posting my photos from IG where I usually share most stuff would be a way for me to connect to my readers. If you aren't following me yet, then here it is: @kaigrafia :) Lemme know if you followed me so I can return the favor!

Kai Grafia on Instagram
Set ONE. Photos on this set mostly consist of those which were taken during our trip to Dakak Beach Resort. As you can see, I took photos from Dapitan's Fantasyland where we enjoyed the sights and the rides. Also included are the food we ate (yes, the youth of today won't eat until the food gets photographed) as well as the room we occupied and the outfits I wore.

Kai Grafia on Instagram
Set TWO. Face of the day, Outfit of the Day and what not. Haha! Some of the looks I posted on my IG can't be found in this blog so you see you're missing some of my looks if you're not following me on IG! HAHAHA. I also have a photo of my very first bulk order from Romwe which I used in most of my OOTDs lately. The last photo in B&W, is from my photoshoot with Sefi Curada way way back =)

Kai Grafia on Instagram
Set THREE. It's kind of obvious that this set shows my favorite items so far - packages from Nanny Rose and Hued Bags make me a happy girl. The 2nd one is a photo of the Beanboozled jelly beans I talked about last time and the cute sunnies holder is a DIY project of mine - I am super proud of this because I hand-sewn it!! :)) It now works as my make-up kit where I store my everyday essentials e.g. face powder, lippies, blush on and etc. 

Kai Grafia on Chicisimo
 I would also like to take this opportunity to inform my dear readers that I have recently created an account at Chicisimo. I know I'm kinda late on doing this but I really didnt have the time and determination to do it before. I do hope you guys can shower me with the same support on Chicisimo the way you support my blog. :) It would mean a lot to me. Here is my profile on Chicisimo :) Thanks in advance lovelies! Don't forget to join my giveaways:

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  1. its good to hear that you're feeling fine now :))


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