Fabulous Jewelry from Bellast

Tuesday, July 02, 2013
One of the things that make me happy is having a new piece of jewelry that exudes class- something that I can wear on a number of occasions which calls for it. I was literally raving about this set of jewelry that I got from Bellast. It's totally a great treat for me to be wearing gemstone encrusted necklaces and bracelets just like this Multi-rhinestone Crystal in White & Blue. Don't you think that the splash of color on this necklace looks very glamourous? I definitely adore how it goes with outfits that have different shades of blue. But in my case, I paired it a damask-designed dress in black and brown and it still looked classy. 

Jewelry for Formal Affairs at Bellast

Another piece that I would recommend to my readers will be this Blue Teardrop Pendant and Chain. This piece definitely showcases that character needed for your formal affairs. I've tried wearing it with very casual clothes and its beauty still shines through. The deep blue rhinestone sparkles stunningly. 

Jewelry for Formal Affairs at Bellast

In case you didn't know, I'm a sucker for fancy bracelets and cuffs. Most of the bracelets I own are sort of very casual, I only have a few that I can wear to formal affairs so when I saw this awesome Peacock Bracelet, I couldn't help but let out a squeal of delight! Just look at the multi-colored rhinestones that make up for the Peacock's body - it's absolutely glamorous! It had the traditional clasp which is quite easy to use and the whole bracelet rests on my wrist perfectly - as if it was meant to be there. Pure bliss. 

Lastly, I picked up a piece that I can use everyday - even with plain shirts and tank tops. It is a very simple piece - a few hoops joined together to form this Y-shape. Even in its simplicity, you can tell that it has a certain charm to it and that's what drew me to it. It is effortlessly chic with the bling all in the right places. You get what I mean right? 

Jewelry for Formal Affairs at Bellast

Since I have not featured these babies in my OOTDs yet, you'll see more of them from now on because they look classy and they deserve to be on the spotlight too. Shopping for jewelry at Bellast is easy and can be very exciting - they have a vast array of collections to choose from - whether you love gold, silver and rhinestones.  So I suggest you visit the site now and tell me what your favorite styles are! 


  1. STUNNING pieces - Love that first one the most!!! <3

  2. I love bellast too: :) and they definitely have fab pieces!
    by the way, I'd like to invite you to join my giveaway. Maybe you'd like to join :)) I hope you do

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