My Favorite Things This July

Friday, July 05, 2013
Happy Friday dearest friends! It's actually one of my fave days of the week and so I decided to do a post on some of my favorite things from the month of June and July. I know I should do a post like this towards the end of the month but whatever. I wanna do it now. Haha! So first of all, you all know how I love accessories  specially those that are handmade. You see, I've been crafting accessories too way back in high-school and college so I definitely appreciate all the love and effort that goes with each handmade piece. That's exactly the reason why these lovely armcandies from Les Bling Shop caught me by surprise and made me happy! I've been wearing these bracelets everyday since they arrived :) Thank you Les Bling! Check them out for more armcandy swaaaaag!

bracelets arm candies
Next up, is one new discovery for me. Do you love drinking coffee? Can't you go on for a day without a cup of it? I'll answer yes to all those questions. I love coffee too much and I'll choose it over tea any day. Imagine my surprise when I a friend recommended me Gano iTouch's Hazelnut Coffee! I immediately told her I wanna try it out. I've tried Hazelnut flavors in ice cream and spreads and I loved it so I gather that I'd love it in coffee too - and love it, I did! :) It has that rich creamy goodness and that distinctive nutty aftertaste plus it has the benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum which increases resistance from illnesses, promotes mental wellness, enhances digestion and bowel cleansing, protects the liver, improves blood circulation and increases energy! It can be served hot or cold! A perfect addition to my early morning routine :) 

Ganocafe Hazelnut Coffee
Each box retails for 400php per box which contains 20pcs. Want to avail? Send me message via my Contact Form. Other products are also available such as Nutraceuticals, Health Beverages and Skin Care Products. 

Ganocafe Hazelnut Coffee
Back to my fave things. I am very picky when it comes to scents. I love scents that aren't too strong and too warm just like Avon's Sweet Honesty. Actually, I haven't had one signature scent that I maintain because I am open to trying new scents. Just this week, I ordered a bottle of Sweet Honesty from an Avon dealer and I've been using this scent since then :) It also doesn't hurt that it's on sale!

Avon Sweet honesty perfume
Footwear. What type of footwear do you prefer? Sandals? Slippers? Brogues? If you ask me, I am more comfortable in wearing strappy and open toed sandals just like this pair I bought from The Gateway Mall. I definitely love that it's white and it has this gorgeous gold details plus they're very comfy!

white strappy open toed sandals
Last but not the least, meet my new Tomato watch! Yes, I love quirky accessories and those that have lively colors but when it comes to watches I would choose black, white and neutral colors so I won't have to worry about pairing/matching it with my outfits. That's why I went with this Bronze Techtite watch as gift to myself. It looks corporate and elegant - just how I like it.

Tomato Time Watch

That's all for my fave things this June-July. I guess I'd start to share more of this every after end of the month to account for things that I love and have discovered which might also help you guys discover new things too. Let me ask you, what are your favorite things for this month? 


  1. I am overjoyed to find this article post on fashion accessories online. You have really made your points clear and your material is easy to read because you have formatted it so well.

  2. Super like the sandals. I like wearing those kinds too but my toes are kinda "ginger like" lol and they look awkward in open toed sandals. HAHA.

  3. Sweet Honesty reminds me of my aunt. That's one of her all-time favorite scents. ;)

  4. I use Sweet honesty too :) i love the smell..

  5. I like the scent of Hazelnut coffee since it really has an inviting scent and also a nice taste.

  6. hey hun!

    I just found your blog ans I love it! You look amazing in this outfit!

    love the color!

    I would love if we could follow each other;)


  7. i love the arm candies they are so cute

  8. nice jewellry but love that watch most.


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