My Not-So-Little Puppy

Wednesday, July 03, 2013
cute poodle terrier spitz puppy dog
Hello lovelies! Today I won't be posting anything that's related to Fashion and Beauty because I'm still drafting my post for that category however since I label this blog as a personal blog too, I would like to share recent photos of our cute little puppy named Boyon. Now, I'm sure it's the first time for you to hear about a pet name like this. Hahaha! It's not really a weird name for a dog right?

The word Boyon came from an utterance of my 2 year old cousin, Zayree. She uses the word "boyon" to refer to a balloon. I heard this on one of their visits to our house last Summer. So it stuck and I decided to call Fluffy's (our 2nd dog) baby as just that. Clever? It also fits because he's gotten so big like a balloon! 

cute poodle terrier spitz puppy dog
Boyon is a mix between Poodle, Terrier and Spitz. His dad is our first ever dog named Cookie (Terrier/Spitz) and his mom is Fluffy (Poodle/Spitz); they are both snow white in color. His birthday falls on April 17 and currently he's only 2 months and a few days old. He's gotten even bigger than his mom now - he eats a LOT!

cute poodle terrier spitz puppy dog

I am not usually able to take very good photos of Boyon for the reason that he moves a lot and gets distracted by a lot of things. But when my sister finally taught him how to sit, I found an opportunity in that. Now, when I want to take photos of him, I just say "Sit!" and automatically he does just that and I snap away! :) Aren't these photos of him just so adorable? Lately, he loves loitering around the yard and going after the chickens. He's also very friendly and that's why a lot of our relatives and friends find him cute and endearing. We just love him sooo much. I wish he would stay a puppy forever. Haha!


  1. He is soooo cute!!! :D

    1. Thank you so much Ileana! <3 Yes he is! We love him toooo much!


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