Prevent Jewelry From Fading

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Cleaning your jewelry is not something that you may think about very often. After all, it does not get very dirty when you wear it, so what need is there to clean it up? You can simply wear it again. However, you will find that this is a common misconception, and that it is actually very beneficial to clean most types of jewelry. Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings Your rings probably have it the worst. Think about all of the times that you need to wash your hands. Your rings are exposed to everything that your hands touch, from the dirt in the garden to the meat that you are preparing for dinner. Washing your hands does not always clean a ring adequately, though, so you need to wash it from time to time. Three prong martini round brilliant solitaire Studs do not get dirty as often as rings, but the need to clean them is greater since they actually go into your body - into the hole that was pierced in your nose, for example. If they are dirty, it could actually make you sick. They are perfectly healthy when clean, though, so take a few minutes to wipe them down. Necklaces and Pendants The biggest reason that you should clean both necklaces and pendants is just to keep the metal from fading. Different elements can be corrosive to metal. If you wipe them off, your jewelry is going to last longer and look better as long as you own it.

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