Unassumingly Edgy in Orange and Aztec

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

//Round Sunnies from ZeroUV//
//Cross Crop Top from PinkPrettyFly//
//Skirt from Satisfashion//
//Glitter Clutch from Hued Bags//
//Bracelets from Les Bling Shop//
//Watch from Tomato//

Hello ladies and gents! I am back with a vengeance here with an OOTD! I guess it sort of fits because my outfit here looks super edgy with all the black and orange and cross prints. I was actually kind of hesitant to put together the orange top and the aztec skater skirt buy when I saw the final photos - I said to myself - Yeah, I'm rockin' it! Hahaha :)However, I don;t think I'll do this quite often. I mean it's refreshing to sometimes go beyond the norms or to step out of my comfort zone but maybe there's a limit. I also wore the same top to my VezTV Shoot last Sunday and it looked great on cam! :)

Anyhoo, I'll be having another shoot this afternoon at Shop Surplus for FB Status so I'll be quite busy preparing for the shoot today after which we'll have a meeting with the whole crew for our Alindahaw Trip next week! Yahooooo! :) And I'm also praying that when I get home, I get to receive my orders from the online shops I shopped in. Super excited to see my orders=) You get the same feeling too right? Hopefully you do because if not, then that's just sad. Don't forget to check out my Closet Sale and Giveaway!


  1. As usual you're looking so pretty here with this outfit.

  2. As usual you're looking so pretty here with this outfit.

  3. Your outfit looks really stylish and orange is really such a standout color

  4. totally love the whole look! xoxo


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