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Thursday, July 11, 2013
A girl has got to be ready at all times even with our wardrobe or closets. I'm not saying that we should buy everything that comes out in the market but having the most basic pieces in our closets and vanity dressers can save us a lot of slack in the future; it also enables us to balance out our outfits by mixing and matching them with the trendier pieces. Personally, here's a list of basic things/pieces a girl must have in her closet/dresser:
  1. Crisp White Shirt – no matter what the length of the sleeves are, the crisp white shirt is a perfect match with colored trousers and skirts. It's actually a no-brainer and allows you to look fresh even with minimal accessorizing. 
  2. Little Black Dress – This is almost like a necessity. It's very versatile and you can take it from day to night by just altering the type of accessories, shoes and makeup you wear. Every girl must at least have one basic LBD in their closets. 
  3. Tank Tops – I find this piece very handy when it comes to layering clothes. You'll need a simple and plain tank top to shift the attention to your embellished jacket or blazer or you'll find it convenient for those warm summer days too. 
  4. Formal Jewelry – With most trends focusing on colorful and chunky accessories, you might forget to purchase elegant jewelry for formal occasions. Sure, your wrap bracelets might look great on your summer outfit but might not work with a long gown. So make sure you also stock up on accessories such as original handmade silver jewellery that will make you shine on formal affairs. 
  5. Form-Fitting Blazer – I find this very useful for corporate affairs. You can wear dressier outfits beneath a blazer and will still look very corporate. It's a totally great investment – just be sure to get it in either black or in neutral shades so it wont be hard for you to match it with other pieces that are already in your closet.

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