A Plane Away: Cebu Packing List

Thursday, August 29, 2013
I am so excited for my trip tomorrow! <3 I'm finally going to Cebu! With my friends! Hurray! <3 We actually planned this trip like a year before since my good friend will be celebrating his Birthday on the 1st of September and he wanted to travel to Cebu with us. It's actually our first time to travel together so this only fuels my excitement for it! I'm sure we're going to have a lot of fun. =)

Now that the trip is basically going to happen tomorrow, I'm on a fit on what to pack! I'm the type of gal who wants to bring everything with her. Like, literally. Hahaha! In the past, even if a trip will only last 3 days, I pack things that are fit for more than a week! Tsk. I've learned my lesson now - I'll pack light so I can still have space for purchases I make along the way. Here my loves is my very own packing list :) Just some of the things I already own that I'll bring with me to the trip. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy Grand, to take photos/selfies, for navigation using Google Maps and of course the internet! :) So I can update my social media sites too and stay connected with my family and loved ones back home. 
  2. Canon 1100D, this is where the Fashion Blogger in me comes alive! Of course I need to take outfit shots while I'm at the Queen City of the South. Yey for fresh backgrounds!
  3. Giant Vintage Sunnies, got this baby just this month as a treat and I love it! It totally exudes that vintage vibe. I'll need this for a hot sunny day trip with my friends.
  4. Suri Animal Print Sling from Hued Bags. I am not into really small purses or bags but this one makes the cut since it's super stylish and it stands out. I love the gold details of this bag and the print screams "Safari!". I also think that this will be convenient in the short trips that we're going to make. Perfect for my wallet, cellphone and a few necessities .
  5. Aztec Flats from Impulse Co., traveling to a new city is synonymous to a lot of walking/strolling so flats are perfect in times like these. I made sure to bring flats so I wont be complaining a lot about sore feet. Hahaha! 
  6. Plain Tees. I recently bought plain and printed tees from an online shop. They are super comfy and stylish too. 
  7. Flats from Scarlet. Please refer to #5 on why :) Hahaha!
  8. Natalie Tote from Hued Bags. Since my trip is basically just for three (3) days, this tote is just what I need. It is spacious and fashionable at the same time. This will also remind to pack light :)
  9. Pastel Skater Skirts, these are my go-to babies! I have like a collection of 'em! I love wearing them because they're cute, easy to match and very comfortable and they don't take a lot of space in my tote.
There you go lovelies! That's just a few of the things I'm packing :) How about you? Do you have any upcoming trips? Tell me what you'd likely pack for the trip by commenting below! 


  1. Bring cotton light clothes since it's scroching hot here in Cebu and flats for all the walking. Don't forget to eat the famous the Lechon Cebu - CnT or Zubuchon. Enjoy Sugbu.

    1. Thank you for the tips Purpel! I think I'll enjoy Cebu since I love the sun/heat! <3 And yes, I'll definitely try Cebu's Lechon!

  2. wow! that's great! I'm from Cebu, and I hope you'l enjoy your stay here:))



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