Fashion-check for Festival Frolics

Tuesday, August 06, 2013
We all know that the bands are going to do a sound check before they play, but festival-goers need to test their own equipment out before the main event. We are not talking the obvious stuff such as have you remembered the tent. Too often we jam a jumble of clothes together, not knowing what the weather is going to do. The result can be disastrous. The jeans that got soaked through the first night can never be worn again and nothing goes with anything else. In a worst case scenario you can end up wrapped in bin bags and the only thing that looks festivally is a slightly droopy floral headband

Practical precautions
Just because the forecast is for a sizzler, the worst thing you can do is err on the side of optimism and pack flip-flops and playsuits. There is one very obvious reason for this. The toilets. Anyone remotely familiar with the joy that is festival 'long-drops' should know by now that flip-flops and what is sloshing around on the floor are not compatible. Keep your feet covered. Having queued for what often feels like hours, way beyond the point of not being terribly desperate, the last thing you need is to get in there and have to wiggle free of a fiendish garment that has to come right off. The same rule applies for the same reasons to onesies and dungarees.

Socks are lifesavers
It is much easier to change your socks than have to go for a complete change of clothes. This is why short skirts work well with wellies and look pretty too. A spare pair of socks can be whipped out anywhere without having to trudge all the way back to the campsite. Layers are another eminently brilliant suggestion. When the temperature drops at night, that cardi you have had tied round your waist all day comes into its own. If all this is making you think you do not have the right gear in your line-up, get paid for your old clothes here and now and do some nifty swapping. Scarves are another good item to have. You can sit on them if the ground is a bit damp, use them to keep the sun off if it does turn scorching, or use them to keep your cider cold.

Bag ladies
Your look can be make-or-break if you have it all looking fab and then ruin it with a big, ugly bag. It is true that there's a fair amount of stuff to lug around all day, you do not want to lose your phone/money/sunscreen or hat, but on the other hand, you do not want to be so restricted that you cannot dance or have the freedom to just go a little crazy because this great big bag is weighing you down. The answer is either a backpack or a cross-body number. Try not to cram it too full and leave the waterproof right at the bottom. Hopefully that way, you will not be needing it.

And finally...
Once you have got the wardrobe right, whatever you do do not leave home without the three festival necessities. Wet wipes, water and your shades.

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