It's Playtime Once Again

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Today's outfit is quite unexpected and simple. I would have worn sneakers together with this outfit for the ultimate laid back look but then I decided why not wear it with these gorgeous boots? It still spells PLAYTIME, doesn't it? :)

//Loose Top & Skater Skirt from House of Keezelle//
//Boots from Mart of China//
//Tomato Watch//

This outfit really gives me that playful vibe. I love to mix prints with pastel colored pieces just to make the outfit look more balanced in a way that there aren't too many distracting things in it. You would agree that outfits like this one make you feel like a child again. Right? I would always see to it that I have lively colors in my looks - maybe it's because I'm too attracted to them. I wear dark colors less now - but maybe soon I'll be sporting them again. It really does depend on the mood, doesn't it? That lovely top and cute skirt you see up there is from one of my online sponsors, House of Keezelle! <3 Don't forget to visit them and check out their latest collection! [Follow HOK on Instagram

As of now, I still have colds. Argh, I cant believe it. I've been sick for days. But it doesn't mean that I wont wear pretty things for inspiration. Haha!And to acquire more pretty things, I'm checking out Romwe's Close Out Sale! They have over 1000 styles to choose from all of which are discounted :)) 

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  1. such a comfy chic look! a cute puppy is behind 4th photo <3

    Carla Cee

  2. i love your top and necklace Miss kai :)

    .never settle for less.

  3. I super love your top and necklace! It really matches very well with your OOTD! :)


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