New Addictions: Cookie Butter & Green Tea Sweets

Sunday, August 04, 2013
Kitkat Green Tea Mini
Yep, this ain't a food blog but I don't want to miss this opportunity of sharing to you, my dearest readers, an new addiction of mine. I am a huge fan of sweets (believed to have taken after my dad who has a sweet tooth) and I always make sure I have a doze of it after meals :) That's why when I saw on Instagram how people are raving about some imported goodies that could be purchased online, I became hugely curious. And yes I know, curiosity killed the cat, but in my case, it killed nothing but my craving. Haha!

Lotus Speculoos Cookie Butter Crunchy

Presenting, in all its glory, a jar of the famous Lotus Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter! I've heard all kinds of stories about how it could be difficult to grab an on-hand jar from online shops because most are pre-ordered and you'd have to wait for a month or so for the stocks to arrive so yeah, I was sort of lucky that what I got was an onhand stock. I bought mine from Stitches&Curves for only PHP450. Some might price it higher than that and some maybe a little less but I trust this shop for the smooth transaction that we had and it only took a day for it to be delivered straight to my door! <3

Lotus Speculoos Cookie Butter Crunchy with bread

I totally love this spread! It tastes like caramel; my mom even said that it tasted like "yema" which is sort of true as well. Mom, Dad and Kaye loved it! It's a family favorite now and even though its pricey, it's totally worth it. Next time, I'll try to order the creamy variety too.

Green tea kitkat
green tea kitkat

Another thing that came with my Cookie Butter, is this pack of Kitkat Green Tea Mini's! I have been craving for sweets that has green tea flavors in it ever since I tasted the J.Co Gree Tea donut. And yes, this baby satisfied my craving for it! I love it :)) All I can say is I have to order more! I got this pack of 12 mini fingers for only PHP280 :) So there you go lovelies! I have got to ask though, have you tried those goodies before? If yes, did you like it at all? Lemme know in the comments section! And do you have any suggestions of sweets that I should try? Lemme know! <3


  1. Creamy is worth the try, too! Have you tried Trader Joe's? That's one of the brands that I want to taste. The prices for these really vary. It's sad how some online shops overprice them.

  2. Kai! Thank you for this post! My friends want those kitkats! I want to try it too! Pag nakaipon I'd love to try these sweets! :9

  3. Waaaaahh Sweetness overload. I have this special love for sweets too! you can drag me to a resto and just munch in with the desserts. I really love to try those spreads but it's availability is limited. I hope they'll be available in groceries soon! :) Thanks for sharing :)


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