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Tuesday, August 20, 2013
I'm on a roll! Today I'm going to share a quick post about an outfit I wore around a week ago :) I finally had the courage and the right reason to wear my white blazer which is warm and quite heavy. Remember how we had a bipolar weather these past few days? Well, the weather was a bit chilly so I went on and wore something to keep me warm. And yes, despite the chilly weather, I still wore very bright colors as if beckoning Mr Sun to show up and play with us human beings. It's not too much to ask right? I was quite positive the sun would show up so I pushed the envelope farther and wore gorgeous sunnies from GiantVintage. :) By the way, check out Style Stunner Manila for awesome finds :))

 //Blazer from She Inside//
//Skater Skirt from Style Stunner Manila//
//Bag from YesWalker//
//Pink Suede Flats from Impulse Co.//
//Sunnies from Giant Vintage//

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