Statement Jewellery Wins Big for Summer

Friday, August 02, 2013
There can hardly be a fashionista worthy of the name who is not wearing statement jewellery this summer. Back when they showed their spring/summer collections, many top fashion houses - among them Dolce and Gabbana, Etro, Gucci, Dior, Chanel and Versus - were predicting that bling would be king this season and how those predictions have been realised. Furthermore, this is a look that can be found at all levels of the market, from high street to haute couture.

Themes and shapes
Although many of the statement pieces around at the moment use gems, be those real or paste, there are many interesting designs that use quite different materials. Resin, acetate, feathers, filigree, beading and textured metals all feature and are sometimes combined, in complex and super-sized forms. The themes and shapes used in jewellery at the moment are varied. There are many 'natural' motifs about, such as birds, flowers and butterflies, but also an interesting re-emergence of a geometric, almost art deco style.

Vibrant tones
Statement does not just mean big, it also means bold and an interesting trend in summer jewellery is the way in which it reflects the clothing trend of colour blocking, which (like statement jewellery) shows no signs of going away any time soon. So just as fashion designers have colour blocked and clashed fuschia pinks, electric blues, yellows, neons and pastels, so jewellery designers have embraced this use of the bold and brought vibrant tones to their work.

Take care
However, you do need to take care of statement jewellery. People are certain to take note of it, so keep it looking its best. Regular cleaning according to the materials used is important and careful and correct storage is a must. Who has not, at some point, gone to their jewellery box to retrieve a favourite item, only to find it irretrievably wrapped around its fellow occupants? Fortunately, there are some good jewellery box designs out there right now, so perhaps it is time to go shopping. Many of the current crop of jewellery boxes are classically elegant and desirable, but also eminently practical.

Enjoy the look
Finally, do bear in mind that while statement jewellery can be worn by anybody, it must be done thoughtfully. Just as make-up advisors would tell you to use heavy make-up on either lips or eyes, not both, this summer you should choose big jewellery or fussy clothes, but not both. Too much will look less 'statement' and more 'shouting in a confused manner'. The only real exception to this is likely to occur if you are colour blocking, but even then you have to keep an eye on the colours and shapes that you wear together and make sure they enhance each other.

Most of all, however, enjoy your summer statement jewellery. It is a golden opportunity to play with a look and there are so many pieces around that are such a joy to behold, it would be a shame not to join in. So this summer, get out there and make a statement.

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