10 Things That you Did Not Know About Your Sneakers

Monday, September 30, 2013
Sneakers are definitely one of the most comfortable footwear for anybody around the world. They are light and made out of a thin fabric that allows the shoe to breathe. No matter what kind of sneakers you have, there are some things from Premier Sport that you did not know about it which may tickle your brain. Here are 10 of them:
  1. The innovation with regard to the technical fabric and shape of sneakers and running shoes have actually been developed from ladies lingerie. You should think on the lines of soft, stretchy, supportive material for the upper portion of the shoe.
  2. There was a notion that people who were looking for a good pair of running shoes or sneakers would have to fit into three types of shoes – stability, motion control and neutral – depending on the amount they would pronate. This idea was created in order to market and promote the shoes to get people to buy them but a study that was conducted but the British Journal of Sports Medicine have found that regular sneakers work as good as other irrespective of how the person pronates.
  3. The brand Nike was actually named after the Greek Goddess of victory but the image of the same goddess was used in the second World War victory medals and the famous automobile manufacturer, Rolls Royce. Project Nike was also an anti-aircraft missile system used during the 1950s.
  4. It is an urban legend that Adidas is an acronym for, 'All Day I Dream About Sex'. The brand name Adidas came from the combination of the first three letters of the company's founder's name – Adi Dassler.
  5. Robotic legs, high-speed video, 3-D modeling, real runners and also cadavers have been used by researchers in order to understand running gait patterns which lead to the innovation of sneakers and running shoes.
  6. The Brand New Balance has a numbered model system that helps them determine the exact retail price of the shoe by dividing the number of the shoe by 1 . For example, the New Balance 574 costs $57.4.
  7. Phil Knight, who is one of the founders of the big sports brand, Nike, wanted to name the brand 'Dimension 6'. After being a global leader in sportswear, its safe to say that it was a good idea he and Bill Bowerman (co-founder) decided to go for Nike instead.
  8. The Air Max 95 was a particular sneaker that was designed by Sergio Lozano in which his inspiration for the structure was actually based on the human body. The midsole of the sneaker represented the spine, the gradient around the shoe represented the muscles, the holes where the laces would go through, represented the ribs while the mesh of the sneaker mimicked the human skin.
  9. The first known sneaker in the world was designed and created by Puma and the shoes was called the Puma Clyde.
  10. American Tennis Superstar, Andy Roddick help create a signature shoe for Reebok and called it, 'FikJam DMX. FikJam actually stands for 'F&@*# I'm Good....Just Ask Me'
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The author is a sports fanatic, he has written many articles for a number of sports related blogs. In his spare time he loves to watch and play various sports especially hitting the running track.

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