A Plane Away: Cebu Trip Day 2

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Another awesome day at Cebu is about to start! We woke up at around 6am and boy was I really sleepy. However we need to be up early so we could start our trip to the Taoist Temple! Woohoo! We had breakfast at a nearby local food house called Mergie’s and enjoyed the –silog meals. Then it was time for us to go to the temple! It was actually a really nice place and the scenery is just perfect for photo shoots. But there are some parts in the temple where picture-taking is not allowed. Here are a few shots we took that day aka OOTD shots.

//Printed Tee from from xoxoarmcandy//
//Skirt from House of Keezelle//
//Samsung Customized Case from Anne's Outlet//
//Bag from Hued Bags//
//Flats from Scarlet thru Zalora//

 And because we are lazy people, we went to SM City to commence another session of wallet-damaging and it was a great time since there were a lot of sales! Haha. I guess it’s always like that though in huge malls like SM. We don’t have SM in Zamboanga so we were taking advantage of our time in Cebu. Lol.

Gelato and Yogurt; Barbecue at Larsian with Kuya Jaypee Filoteo
 In the evening, we all prepped up to have fun at Mango Square. But before that we visited Larsian to have dinner with Jaypee Filoteo who treated us to barbecue! We went to party at Alcology and capped the night off with Korean Food at the nearby Cho Sun Resto.

And guess what? At 2:30am, we raced towards the airport for our 4am flight. Next time, we’ll be more careful in booking flights. No more early morning flights heading to zamboanga. Gaaah! All I can say is the trip was BITIN! Huhu. However I really had a lot of fun during our stay in Cebu City :) It would have been nice to meet new people and make new friends so does this mean there will be a part two? Most likely! :)) Thank you CEBU!


  1. i have been in the temple! :) so happy to see it again. these are really fun photos <3

    Carla Cee

  2. I also experienced staying overnight at the airport for a 4AM flight, I guess that's what you get for booking promo tickets, it's only for the brave ones who can wake up early! =)

  3. Grabe ang butt shots haha sexy gusto rin ng mint skater skirt haha looks lovely Kai. You made me miss Cebu! Hindi pa ako nakapumunta dyan sa temple!


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