Black is Still Black

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I can't believe this crisis in Zamboanga has gone on for 10 days now! Argh! It really saddens me that this has reached a long period of time and we're not even sure yet if indeed it is over. So I thought I can't leave my blog hanging so I might as well start posting blog entries now. I just also got back to the office after 9 days of staying at home. Actually, our home is approximately 7 kilometers away from the town proper (if you take the standard route) but it doesn't mean that we cannot feel the effects of the crisis. Establishments such as banks and stores closed during the first few days of the crisis. Thank God that stores which are quite distant from the affected barangays opened to serve the poor public. So there, as of now, we're all alert and very eager to listen to good news - and I'm positive that we will have good news. :) For now, I'd like to post this set of photos that my sister took like weeks ago! Finally, I will be able to post them. Yehey!

 //Skater Skirt from Grey Avenue//
//Animal Print Bag from Hued Bags//

It really isn't sweater weather yet here in our beloved city but our office can get really cold so I decided to wear this black cardi paired with my polkadot with lace details top -- the polkadot design isn't that visible. HAHA :) And yes, I want to channel a lil bit of Japan's fashion hence the socks. I kept it simple with accessories; just a fashionable bag from Hued Bags to complete the look! 


  1. Im also eager to hear good news been watching tv every night and it breaks my heart seeing poor civillians esp children traumatized, hurt, died and don't even have a home. Hope this crises will end immediately and I'm glad you and your family is safe. I also love how you dress and put together outfit inspiration.

  2. I feel sorry about the crisis in zamboanga :( Anyway, I like your idea on your shoes <3

    .never settle for less.


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