Cebu Trip: Fashion Haul

Wednesday, September 04, 2013
My post about the Cebu Trip doesn’t stop with Day 2. I also would like to share to you guys some of my purchases during the trip. There are really a lot of things that I wanted to buy but I also thought of budgeting so that I don’t run out of cash on the first day. Haha.

Cebu Shirt for the Superfriends~
We actually went to Colon because Ate Abie (our friend aka Tour Guide) said that there were a lot of good finds in that place. It’s actually a series of stores where you can find clothing, shoes, accessories and what-nots. The streets of Colon reminds of downtown Zamboanga since there were Korean merchants who established their stores there. I like that they have strict traffic rules too. You can’t just cross the street whenever you want to! There’s a traffic light for that J I actually bought a lot of pasalubong in Colon and I wasn’t able to take photos of what I gave out. Boo! I bought blouses for my mom and shirts for my brother and dad. Here’s what I got myself:

Fitted Plain and Printed Tees
The next day, we went to SM City and I was so happy that I bought these pairs of footwear. There were actually a lot of discounts and sale signs that day so I took advantage of it. I also got my sister a pair of orange sneaks too (Not in photo)

Pastel-Colored Footwear!

Like I said, we don’t have SM in Zamboanga and some products are totally not available here so I bought some personal hygiene products such as Veet, Hair Treats, Watson’s Body Scrub, Facial Masks and etc. I thought to myself that I should really bring a lot of cash next time so I don’t regret not buying what I want. HAHAHA! Shopping is my weakness. TSK.

Personal Hygiene Products

Anyway, I’ll be back to posting some of my backlogs since I was able to post everything from my Cebu Trip so in other words, it’s back to regular programming! HAHA. Thanks for dropping by dearies! Read about my Day 1 and Day 2 Cebu Trip Posts :))

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