Choosing the Right Evening Dress for your Body Type

Saturday, September 28, 2013
Figuring out which styles of long or short evening dresses will look best on you will vary depending on what body shape and size you have been blessed by nature with. No matter what your shape, there’s sure to be a killer dress out there just waiting for you to find it. The best way to make sure you will look great in your choice of evening dress is to make sure it complements your size and shape. Finding the perfect choice from among a huge selection of evening dresses is not an easy task, although understanding what looks good on your body type will help you make the right decision.

Hourglass Figure

This body type is a beautiful balance from top to bottom, with top half and bottom half about equal in size, with a slim waistline. The best party dresses to choose for an hourglass figure include body con fitted styles and shift dresses that will really show off your curves. If you like the retro look, a 50’s style dress with a fitted top and tailored waist will look fabulous on you. Enjoy your ideal shape because it’s one of the easiest to dress in evening wear. Don’t cover up with baggy clothing, show off your small waist and beautiful curves.

Pear Shape

A pear shaped body is defined by hips and legs that are larger than your upper body. This type of body will generally look great in a wrap style dress. Find a dress that skims lightly over your hips without clinging. You want to emphasizes your small waist without drawing undue attention to the larger bottom half. A-line skirts look particularly great on this body style, as do features which will show off your shoulders and slimmer upper half.

Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle shape is defined by broad shoulders which are wider than your waistline. Tips for finding the right evening dress for this body style include anything which can draw attention to your bottom half, away from the wider upper body. Focus ruffles and bling on your lower half, creating more volume on bottom to balance out your look. Necklines should be open and vertical, avoiding boat necks or high necklines. The v-neck style will take focus away from your shoulders and onto your slimmer waistline.

Apple Shape

Apple shaped bodies tend to have a larger bust and a wider waistline, and finding the perfect evening dress for this body type can be a bit tricky. But no need to worry, you will find that you will most likely look great in a wrap dress that directs attention to the side, away from the tummy area. Looking for an empire line dress can also draw a horizontal line under your bust, giving the look of a slim waistline. Emphasize this further with a classy wide belt to give yourself a fantastic evening look.

Finding perfect long or short evening dresses can be an exciting challenge for any woman. Understanding your body type and what looks best on you will help you distinguish a dress that looks great on the hanger from the right dress for your body. Once you master choosing the right party dress for your body shape and size, you will be ready to get dressed up and out on the town for an exciting evening looking your best. 

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