Feeling Daring? Wrap Your Curves in a Bandage Dress

Friday, September 13, 2013
When it comes to the latest trending styles of dresses, one of the hottest ways to showcase your body is the bandage dress. If you aren't familiar with bandage dresses, let me introduce you to one of the most daring and sexy styles to hit the runways in years! Bandage dresses get their names from the cut of the fabric, in which curve hugging strips of cloth are cut to look like the random crisscross of an Ace bandage. This signature pattern varies significantly from dress to dress. In some designs, the cuts are outrageous and attention-grabbing, in others, the strips of cloth for more subtle, linear patterns that are barely perceptible.

Bandage dresses come in all lengths, and in styles ranging from cute and casual to evening gown elegance. Most have plunging necklines that show off more than a little cleavage, and you will find more options available in super-short than in longer lengths, so this trend is not for the modest. If you're proud of the time you spend at the gym, sculpting your body into a state of toned flawlessness, these dresses will be right up your alley. Most bandage dresses use form flattering materials with a Lycra blend, allowing you to move and bend with ease, despite their second skin silhouettes. This makes them the perfect choice for a night on the town, as you will be able to dance your heart out in comfort without having to settle for a look that is loose and baggy, which is less that flattering to your form. 

If you dare to wear a bandage dress, do be sure to spend some time in front of a three-way mirror when deciding which styles are the most flattering to your figure. While women with many different frames can wear bandage dresses, some fabrics and cuts are more forgiving than others. Everything from the thickness of the fabric to the placement of detailing and the color of your dress plays a role in whether or not this style makes you appear sleek and curvaceous or lumpy and bumpy. This doesn't mean that you should rule out the style entirely if you have a few body flaws (don't we all?), it just means that you should pay attention to what works for you and what doesn't. If the tiny hot pink number with a barely there mini-skirt length isn't doing it for you, why not try a slightly longer black bandage dress? With a few adjustments for these sorts of details, you don't have to miss out on wearing a style that appeals to you. 

Like most fashion trends, the bandage dress has enjoyed a cyclical popularity. It isn't new to the fashion scene, but this season's incarnations offer some great new twists on an old favorite. This is one trend that has been greatly improved upon since its last go-round, with designers offering a range of options that can work for a wider variety of female forms. If you're feeling bold, wrap your curves in a bandage dress and embrace your sexy side. It's a good look for you! 

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