Five Secrets to Choosing the Best Watch

Saturday, September 21, 2013
Choosing the best watch is confusing for many people; it's guy stuff that most guys just don't understand. How to know which watch style and which color to select, from the many options available, can be time-consuming and stressful. With the following five tips, you can choose the most suitable watch for your purposes, a watch that is timely, classic, durable, and the perfect fit.

The Right Fit
The manner in which the watch fits a wrist is different, depending upon each person who wears the watch. For aesthetic purposes, it is ideal for a watch's time piece to sit on the top of the wrist without any of the watch hanging over the edges of the wrist or falling onto the wearer's hand. The watch should be tight enough on the wrist that it doesn’t slide up the arm or down toward the hand, but not too tight that it is uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Alongside the Wardrobe
When deciding upon a high quality watch, it is important that the watch is an item which will truly work with the rest of a person's wardrobe, or at least that it will match well with the majority of a person's mainstay clothing items. Purchasing a new watch should be about choosing something that will make sense for the buyer, not something that will require a person to buy a whole new set of clothes to fit the new watch. There are certain colors that work better than others when matching with fall clothing colors; these include black, grey, navy blue, and neutral earth-tone colors.

No matter the style of watch a person chooses, quality should never be in question. High quality watches are more expensive than low quality watches, as a rule of thumb, and choosing high quality watches is one way in which a person can make their dollar stretch. By choosing high quality, a person improves their style while also ensuring that they are getting the most for their money. High quality watches, oftentimes, come with warranties as well, which can add to the life of the new watch.

The Classic Touch
Classic watch styles can add to a wardrobe, and ensure that a person's watch is always in style. When a person chooses classic styles that never age, they may risk the "trendy" boat, but they will also be selecting an item that is almost always guaranteed to work well with their current and future wardrobes.

Even though classic styles are the safest bet when matching with clothing items, it is important to match a watch with a person's personality as well as their wardrobe. Due to the fact that a watch is an accessory, a person can get away with it being a bit funkier than the rest of their attire. For example, a person who always wears black suits to work can accessorize with a green watch with virtually no problem. Choosing the best watch can be as simple as ensuring the watch goes with your wardrobe, choosing a style that works with your personality, being certain that the fit is right, and selecting something that will pass the test of time.

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