Floral and Preppy

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Happy Wednesday dearies! I woke up feeling a bit sleepy; maybe it's because I slept too late last night. Nevertheless, I still feel quite happy that we are all blessed with a new day to face head on so we must all be thankful! Speaking of, I am super thankful that this lovely dress I'm wearing already arrived, considering that all couriers have closed down during the first week of the war. So I'm a lil happy lass =) This dress is totally perf in all its floral glory! I decided to give it a preppy vibe by pairing it with nerd glasses, collared inner top, oxfords with socks and the ultimate schoolgirl bag! <3 Some of the schools here in our city already resumed their classes, so here's to all of you lovely students!

Floral Dress from Fashion Army, Round Eyeglasses from The Sunnies Shop.


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