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Monday, September 23, 2013
As soon as the month of September stepped in, I thought to myself that it's time for me to update and upgrade my wishlist! Yes, a woman never runs out of things she wants; what with all the stores/boutiques that we have at this time. So I cleverly came up with my very own just to show you guys what you can get me for Christmas. *wink*

I have always been that kind of girl who loves to wear mid-length dresses paired with chic outerwear such as blazers and cover-ups. It gives me that chic, polished and sophisticated look. Contrary to what others say, it's quite easy to come up with that look with these awesome pieces from Tucci Store.

tucci store clothes and accessories

One of the brands they carry is French Connection which boasts of this super fab (1) Pop Dot Stretch Dress in Plaid design. I definitely love how it looks so structural at the same time polished.  Another number that I fell in love with is this red hot (3) Lux Lace Coral Dress which really highlights a woman's figure with its streamline design. Next, is this (2) Classic Connie Nocturnal Blue Jacket whose design spell perfection and class. I can totally wear it with the two dresses as an outerwear. 

For accessories, I would love to have this vintage looking (5) Ted Baker Amorosa Tan Brown Crossbody Bag. It has the perfect color for most of my outfits and the design looks superb! Lastly, to add some pop of color to plain and neutral clothing, this (4) Melissa Peep Toe heels will definitely do the trick! 

So that's it for my current wishlist! I will be updating my list more often now that the "merriest" season is on its way. Along with that, I'm also going to show you which stores to check out for chic clothes and accessories that you can purchase to upgrade your wardrobes as well. 

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