Channeling Taylor Swift

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Everybody loves Taylor Swift. Well maybe not everybody but most of the girls I know love her - her music, her personal style, her face and perhaps her lovelife? HAHAHA! So you might wonder what Tay's photo is doing on my blog. Well let's just say I'm trying to channel her look as my own! :) I just saw this random photo of Tay wearing stripes and a fab red skater skirt and I thought I have those (or similar to those) pieces inside my closet so why not recreate her look? And so I just went for it and this is the result - it wasn't that hard after all!

Top and Skirt - All Blogger's Own, Bag from Forever 21 and Watch from Tomato Time.

I might have nailed it! Haha <3 I've seen more photos of Tay wearing stripes and red. I guess those must be her favorites. I am inlove with the Nautical trend too and it never gets old with me. Maybe it's the bold colors like red and blue and the stripes that get me. I tend to swoon over those nautical combinations when I see them. Anyway, that's it for now lovelies. 

And oh, let us take a moment to pray for our loved ones, friends and family who are in Cebu and other cities affected by the earthquake. I hear they're still experiencing aftershocks so it really must be quite frightening. :( And my boyfie just got there last week :(( So I'm really worried for him and a lot of my friends who are in Cebu :( God help our country.  

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