Different Styles of Bandage Dresses that Ladies Love

Friday, October 04, 2013
Even if you may not know much about them, you probably have heard something about bandage dresses. As per definition, a bandage dress is referred to as a tight fitting dress manufactured from pieces of stretchy fabric which appear as wrapped around the body to form layers. Fashion has greatly changed in the recent days. In the trending fashion styles of today, bandage dresses are considered among the hottest and must have clothes on any ladies closet. 

Why do ladies love different trending styles of bandage dresses? There are many reasons but the main reason might just be because ladies naturally love beauty and adore acceptance. Bandage dress styles give any lady who dares buy them a super sexy and irresistible look. Due to this, any lady any day would die for a chance to put on a bandage dress to any special occasion.

There are bandage dresses for every type of personality and every occasion. Whether you want to look officially pretty or you just want that playful look, you will never miss a bandage dress for you. Where did they come from? Different styles of bandage dresses were introduced by a fashion designer named Herve Leger. Since their introduction, other fashion designers have tried coming up with several variations of bandage dresses without much success. These designers have not managed to successfully emulate the elegance and figure flattering styles of bandage dresses.

The difference between bandage dresses and other dresses is that they produce streamlined shapes and suck the bulging areas on the body leaving you slim and sexy. Here are some of the most common trending styles of bandage dresses:

Figure-Hugging Bandage Dresses: Do you want that amazing and flattering look that will make heads turn? If you do, try out the figure hugging bandage dresses. Just like their name suggest, they will indeed bring out the beauty in your figure even as they keep you pretty and desirable.

White Bandage Dresses: There are no better dresses to have on an extremely hot day than the while bandage dresses. Keeping your body cool even as they maintain your stylish personality, these bandage dresses are perfect for summer and high notch occasions.

Strapless Bandage Dresses: People have different tastes and styles and some, like the feminine look brought about by strapless clothing. These were the considerations done when this style of bandage dresses were produced for special people like you who just don’t like straps!

Fitted Bandage Dresses: These often come with a faux-wrap skirt or bandage skirt. They are good for those who feel either physically or emotionally uncomfortable and they tend to get the bright side of the situation.

Bandage dresses stretch and will take on your body shape and as such act as natural body shapers. Some of the famous personalities who will always adorn a bandage dress are Jenifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and Rachel Bilson. These personalities have discovered the impact stylish bandage dresses create among their admirers. Even as you rush to buy your bandage dress, ensure that you get one that is just the right size. Don’t buy too tight or too loose bondage dresses as you will not get your desired looks. Otherwise enjoy happy shopping for your desired bandage dress style.

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