Eazy Does It!

Monday, October 21, 2013

It struck me again --- the lazy blogger syndrome aka LBS. Okay, there isn't such an acronym nor syndrome, I just made it up but it kind of drives the point home. It's just that I've been busy with the shop lately, organizing things, cleaning up my room and etc. And I can proudly say that I've had the most productive day yesterday! It was tiring but fulfilling. I got to finally clean up the mess (my room) and I still managed to attend practicing at Church for our Anniversary. My body was screaming for rest and relaxation but there's some things I got to do :)
Dress from Eazy Fashion, Boots from Enzo Shoppe. 

Now, let's focus on ze outfit shall we? What I have here for now is a long, overdue post for my second dress from Eazy Fashion. The dress was like super short (problem for tall people) and it shows most of my legs which I don't like so I decided to wear a lace skirt underneath just to lengthen the hem a little thus minimizing exposure of my stick thin legs. HAHA! The boots were really a perfect touch for the whole outfit in that it balances the whole look. And because there was too much color in the dress, I opted for no accessories at all! No fuss :) Sorry for the last two photos, guess my funny bones got the better of me. 

Before I end this post, I would like to announce a giveaway that I launched for Sugar-Rush on the FB Page! You can win the entire outfit in the photo below if you join Sugar-Rush October Giveaway :) To join, click the link --> http://bit.ly/1fHlRFO


  1. i love your hair and it really looks good on you :)

  2. so beautiful..i like your hair


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