Five Reasons Why Ribbons Are the Ultimate Hair Accessory

Saturday, October 26, 2013
Ribbons, simply put, are the ultimate hair accessory around! Sure, you can still look pretty with your bows, and flowers in the hair are always a good touch, but nothing beats ribbons for a look that's smart and stylish. They are sometimes mistaken as a hair accessory for only younger females (read: girls), but nothing could be further from the truth. They are sleek, cool and basically timeless. Here are the five reasons why these are still the ultimate hair accessory for most any woman.

Wear It as a Headband
A great reason to use a ribbon is that it can essentially double as another form of hair accessory. For instance, you can use a wide ribbon as a headband of sorts. Now, a potential problem with that is you might appear just a little bit too childlike. However, you can still pull off this look by wearing a bouffant, just to make it a little bit more sophisticated.

Improve Your Ordinary Hairstyle
The neat thing about a ribbon is that you can use it to improve your hairstyle. For instance, let's say you're wearing a bun, which is a ho-hum type of hairstyle. You can easily make this whole look that much fancier if you just use the right type of ribbon. For instance, if you tie on a jewel-toned and thin ribbon, you can really imprve an ordinary bun.

Improve a Half-up Hairstyle
Sometimes, a half-up hairstyle just won't do the job. Hey, it's a half-up hairstyle, after all. Sometimes, all it takes is the right kind of hair accessory to really make a hairstyle that you don't think is all that attractive really shine. If you add something as simple as a basic ribbon bow, you can even dress up the most average half-up hairstyle.

You Can Wind up Your Hair
When you really think about it, the various uses of a ribbon are pretty versatile, which is why it really is the ultimate hair accessory! Let's say that you want to wear your hair in a ponytail because you're just feeling so sassy. In this case, you can easily coil your ponytail and then tie it into place with a ribbon, giving you a wound-up look.

It's Good for All Ages
The final great reason that a ribbon is the ultimate hair accessory is because it can be worn by females of all ages. Whether you're still a girl, a young woman or entering middle age, a ribbon can be just the right hair accessory to perk up your look. You can wear it for casual occasions or still more formal ones. These are the five reasons why the ribbon is just the ultimate hair accessory around. It is versatile, smart and highly useful in many different situations. You can use a ribbon to improve a rather drab or dull hairstyle, use it to give your hair extra character and use it no matter how old you are. Something so simple can still make a big impact on your hair.

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