Thursday, October 03, 2013
It's quite a bit sunnier than usual outside today. I just came from a lunch date with my Superfriends and it was really a breath of fresh air seeing them! Like for around 3 weeks, we absolutely weren't able to meet up because of the crisis. I am so happy to see them again finally! Congratulations Lei Mohammad for passing the comprehensive exam for MPA! <3 So happy for you girl! Where's ze party at? Haha! 

Anyway, since I am a bit chirpy today, I present to you an outfit post that talks totally about that! Whenever I see these photos, I can't help but think of Japan's Harajuku district where people wear very distinct and colorful clothes, accessories and shoes --- it's craycray out there but super amaze-balls too! And since we're talking about Japan here, I wore this gigantic puffed bow which reminds me of Anime girls. =) Leave a comment below if you think so too! Have a great day ahead lovelies :3

Dress from Romwe, Bracelets from Sugar-Rush, Boots from Mart of China.


  1. And the boots do add the right touch to the outfit! Add in a couple of chopsticks sticking out from your head and you can look like a live-anime!

  2. You look super cute in this dress Ate Kai!


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