Hot Hair Accessories for Women

Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's that time of the month where we need to get inspired with super girly things! We've all had a tiring week and I think we deserve beautiful things for inspiration - this will get our creative juices flowing and of course, hunt for new finds that will delight us. For this particular week, let me share some latest trends in hair accessories for women. Believe me, we all love our hair and aside from clothing, we love wearing hair accessories too!
First on my list are these chic and fab floral wreathe like the one I'm wearing on my Bright and Gleaming shoot. You can instantly turn heads with your flower-child vibes. But instead of using the fake ones, why not try fresh flowers instead? This trend was seen on the runway during Blurgirl's and Badgeley Mishka's shows. 

Feel like sporting the boho trend? Then turbans are still definitely in for this year. It's easy to sport plus if you're having a particularly bad day, then this is an easy solution! Tie your hair up in a bun and wear a turban for that effortlessly chic look!

For the girly girl in you, nothing beats an embellished headband like the one Blair Waldorf wears in Gossip Girl. Whether it's satin, plastic or gem encrusted like these gorgeous Bridal Headbands from Rosie Willett Designs, you will never have a hard time styling these accessories. They instantly spell tres jolie!


  1. These are really nice! They stand out vs ordinary head pieces!!! <3


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