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Tuesday, October 29, 2013
We can't all afford luxury brands right off the rack. Though some of us fantasize about owning a Birkin Bag or a pair of Chanel shoes, it isn't always possible on our budgets.

Some people bend their morals and tastes a little, and buy knockoff versions. Aside from being mostly illegal, the made-in-China quality often speaks to the fact that these pieces aren't condoned by the companies whose names they bear. Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel would visibly blanch if he saw the poor stitching on some of the items sold on New York street corners as "real" Chanel!

That's where comes in. It gives the rest of us a chance to grab coveted designer wear without paying boutique prices.

How Does It Work? is a consignment website where owners of designer clothes and accessories can sell their gently used items to other fashionistas of taste. 

Someone is done with last season's Balenciaga or Dior for which they paid a small fortune. They need to make room in their closets for this year's prêt-à-porter and couture, but the clothes are still far too valuable to just toss out. So they log onto the site, create a shop, and offer these coveted pieces at hugely discounted prices.

A savvy fashion hound logs in to see what's new, and finds the score of the century. A Hermès Kelly bag for under $4,000? Yes, please!

Who Is It For?
Pre-owned fashion is great for gift shopping. The holidays are coming, or maybe it's almost your BFF's birthday. She's wanted a certain pair of sunglasses, and is woebegone at not being able to afford them. You smile a secret smile, pop over to, and find them at half price. Not a knockoff— the real deal! This, of course, makes you the greatest friend who ever lived, a real-life hero. Your friend is forever grateful.

Gentlemen, your lady has champagne tastes, but you have a beer budget. Alas, you've managed to fund a magnificent getaway, maybe to New York or Paris, for a special occasion. You have one special night on the town planned for her, because she's worth it. Wouldn't it be great if she could shine on your arm in a timeless Versace gown? Heads would turn, and she would catch everyone's eye the way she caught yours. Log onto the site, and in a few clicks, that perfect gown will be winging its way from anywhere in the world, right to your doorstep.

Hot Tips
High fashion is generally cut and labeled in European sizes. has handy sizing charts to help you compare your American or British size to European. Keep in mind that these types of clothes tend to be cut smaller, so it's always a safe bet to order a bit larger than you think you'll need. It can always be taken in later by a good seamstress.

Shipping is free within the United States, but Walk in My Closet ships pretty much anywhere. If you prefer US to US shipping, you can search for items for sale only within America.

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Article written by Sam Halpern

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