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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Something tells me that I really need to post an entry on this blog. So be it then :) Not that I'm complaining though. Dearest readers, here's another fashion post for all of you! <3 We shot around three looks during the 3rd week of September basically because my sister and I were bored doing nothing back at home when the war was still on-going. Thank heavens that out Barangay is far off from the conflict area but still we were alert and vigilant. Now, we can finally feel that one by one, things are slowly going back to normal.
Dress from Romwe, Pearl Bangles from Shop This Easy, Wedges from Modernosense and Floral Crown by yours truly. 

I was quite hesitant to acquire the dress from Romwe because not everyone can pull off a bright green dress perfectly. But somehow, I found the lace details too cute to be ignored so I just went on ahead and added it to my cart. Later on, when I was wearing it, I felt like I was a Nature Fairy and so I brought out my DIY Floral Crown and voila -- Mother Nature can never be happier :) To keep everything simple, I paired the dress with my nude wedges and pearl bangle. =) 

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