REVIEW: Fotor, Free Photo Editing Site

Thursday, October 31, 2013
We all love photos and it is evident in the amount of photos that we upload each and every day. But of course, we post photos that are presentable and we turn to none other that photo editing tools to enhance our otherwise mediocre pictures. Let's face it, we need a great photo editing tool that can give us best results and that's what I recently experience with Fotor! is an online photo-editing site that enable users to easily edit photos the way they want. I am actually impressed with how Fotor works because it is super easy that even those who have no prior knowledge in photo editing will find it very useful and user-friendly. Thanks to their easy to identify and use icons, you can now create awesome photos. It loads pretty fast especially when you have to upload a high resolution image which helps you to start and finish right away. Fotor saves you the time from downloading and installing an editing application or software to your computer because it is readily available online.

As you log in to the site, you will be welcomed with different tabs which you click to start your editing adventure. You just have to upload a photo, use the different editing techniques such as cropping, effects, frames, color alteration, filters, adding text and then when you're satisfied with it, you just click SAVE and voila - you have an awesome photo without the need for intricate mouse-work. I am impressed by the wide array of effects and filters that Fotor has as well as massive amount of Clip Art that you can use when editing. It is even better because you can also create collages with a number of photos that you have. 

What is also great is that since the holidays are fast approaching, you guys can create greeting cards easily with Fotor's Photo Greeting Card feature! Some apps make it hard to produce one, but Fotor's makes it super easy with their numerous templates which you just need to alter depending on your taste and preference. You can edit the messages/greetings easily with their tools so it's very convenient and time-saving. Overall, Fotor is an effective photo-editing tool, very easy to use and most of all it's FREE!

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