Swimwear Trend: The Fringe

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
One of the newest trends in swimwear is fringe. A colorful single layer of fringe can add to the appeal of almost any swimsuit. Women are choosing fringe swimsuits in a number of different styles. Here are some examples of styles and why women are falling in love with this new trend.

Fringe contributes an extra dose of style to a basic strapless bikini. The fringe across the bikini's top often matches the color of the top. It may also match the bikini bottoms or a portion of the bottoms. This gets a bikini a second look at the swimming pool or the beach. Plus, a woman can easily accessorize the swimsuit with jewelry, sandals or even a beach towel.

Many women are opting for the basic one-piece swimsuit with a single shoulder strap. The fringe on a suit of this style runs along the top edge and slopes down to beneath a woman's arm. The fringe on a basic swimsuit with one shoulder strap often drapes down past a woman's waistline. As a woman swims, the fringe flows around her in the water. When the woman is finished swimming the fringe dries and hangs loosely around the suit as it did before. Lots of women who choose a one-piece swimsuit each year appreciate the additional dash of style that they get with fringe! Elite Fashion Swimwear is one example of a shop where a woman can find a one-piece swimsuit or bikini with fringe.

Women who love to buy a skirt to wear to the swimming pool or the beach are finding that fringe adds a lot to the look. Instead of just a plain swim skirt, a woman can opt for a skirt with fringe in a bright color to match the top of her swimsuit. Some women feel more comfortable walking around on the beach in a fringe skirt. If she wants to take a break from swimming with friends, she can feel at ease wearing a fringe skirt while walking around some nearby shops. The fringe moves freely and feels more like flowing skirt than a swimsuit. 

Finally, there are some women who like to choose fringe swimsuits to wear to parties at the beach. Though they may never touch the water, they like the stylish appearance of their unconventional swimsuit. A fringe swimsuit is a versatile piece of swimwear in the wardrobe of many women.

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