Tips on Purchasing Underwear

Thursday, October 10, 2013
Have you had the experience of purchasing undies that aren't at all comfortable? I'm sure that most, if not all, women have had an encounter or two with that problem. So the next time you go shopping for underwear, keep these things in mind:

Fashion and Comfort might not always go together. Although ideally it is possible for women to expect that, I would say that I would choose comfort over fashion anytime when it came to undies such as bras. Tip number one - always get a proper fitting when you're buying bras. This is to avoid any potential discomfort you might experience after purchasing it.  Next time you go shopping for bras, check out Bra Galore for their awesome Fantasie Underwear if you're looking for comfortable and stylish undies.

Next up, one should care for undies properly. Shelf life of undies can be determined by how well you care for it just like any other belonging. Let's say for instance, if you wash your bras poorly and/or wring padded bras, the cups might get deformed and the underwires might poke which can potentially hurt you whenw earing it. So it's always good to read label instructions on how to properly wash undies. This tip might also save you a from spending a lot. 

Although you might want to hold on to your undies for a long time, it really isnt a good idea. Just like makeup which has shelf life, undies can sag and lose it's shape. When it does, it might not be comfy to wear anymore and might not appear good when wearing tight fitting clothes. You can always recycle them anyway :) 

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