DIY Obsession: Floral Crowns

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
I'm actually quite very busy these days - with the preparations for the upcoming Church Anniversary, online shop duties, work and what have you. I pretty much think I can juggle all of these together but really the weight of it all starts to slow me down. Nevertheless, I'm up for a challenge! Moving on, I just want to talk a little bit of what I did yesterday in connection with the church activities. I am part of the Music Department as vocals and we are in-charged of the Praise and Worship. So to add a little pizzazz, I decided to create floral crowns/headpieces for the girls - there are only four of us so it's a piece of cake. Remember my previous entries where I wore floral crowns for most of the time? I think the charm of these floral crowns have not weaken a little bit instead it has won over hearts of many young girls. I have a different style of creating them though - others would prefer using floral wires and small fabric flowers but I prefer to use bigger plastic flowers and a headband. I also utilize the leaves. You might not want to wear it outside if you're out on errands or something; I prefer wearing it during photoshoots and special occasions. If you want an everyday-type-of-floral-crown, I suggest you stick to the floral wire technique :)

So right here, I was able to create three (3) fresh-looking floral crowns for mah girls. Hehe. We have a little theme going on - red, yellow, purple and blue. Yes, blue. I've seen some fake blue flowers at a local shop here so Imma buy those since it wasn't available at the store where I shopped yesterday. These babies would totally look great with dresses! I would love to do a step-by-step tutorial for this when I have ample time :) Would you like that? And which one is your fave? Let me know in the comments!  

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