My Fashion Blogger Problems

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I've had enough! Really. I'm tired of keeping this problem all to myself! Ugh! It sucks :( You must be wondering what this is about? Well, I'm done with not being able to take good photos because there is NO ONE WHO'S AVAILABLE TO TAKE MY PHOTOS for the blog :( I am soooooo sad and sooooo bothered by this. That's one of the reasons why I am not able to post fashion OOTDs often because I have no photographer now. >;( I HATE IT. How can I continue fashion blogging without a photographer? My sister now has work and she goes off very early in the morning - when I'm still asleep. On weekends, she's busy with something she has to do. I'm at a dead end in here. I seriously need HELP here. Another problem is the the lack of a nice background location. If I had a car, it would be easy to bring a friend along and let him/her take photos at different locations everyday but the sad thing is I don't have a car... yet. Oh Lord, help me find a way. Any suggestions guys?
Anyways, I'm about to share just a few photos which my sister took earlier (when she had days off from work). This is actually for the Sugar-Rush November Collection. She took some artsy stuff which I'd like to be posted on this blog. This also gives you guys an idea of what Sugar-Rush offers -- Printed tees, skirts, pullovers and etc. Wanna shop? Then visit Sugar-Rush! 

Top and Skirt all from SUGAR-RUSH.


  1. Hi Ate Kai! I bet a lot of fashion bloggers also have the same or slightly similar problems to yours and I've actually read on a few blog post some suggestions to solve it. One is to invest in a sturdy & stable tripod + remote set which will allow you to take photos of yourself with your camera even when no one's around to take them for you. If you're using a phone, I'd suggest using the timer setting (if it has one) and a gadget tripod like the Gorillapod Flexible Tripod. :)

  2. Very sweet photos! I love the innocent look <3 <3 <3

    If by any means you would let a stranger photograph you, then I would gladly do it for you. :) I'm In Z.C at the moment :)

  3. We the same problems as well! :) I agree with Jannie, try to invest on sturdy tripod and use self timer on the cam. love your outfit btw <3


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