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Friday, November 22, 2013
It’s really that time of year where we have excuses for excessive shopping! I am totally excited for it and I’m sure you guys are too. Isn't it nice that we get to shop not only for our self but for those who are closest to us aside from their birthdays? Now is the time that we get to shop till we drop! Just recently, I've been scouring my closet to see what things I still need-slash-want and I know there isn't a shortage of bags in there but I just thought it would be nice to add new ones to my collection. 
There are a indeed a couple of bags that I saw at Poshbags and boy were they something I’d like to add to my Christmas Wishlist. I've also seen some authentic Kippling Bags  over the site which I now would like to buy as well. This bag is something I’d like to pair with a dress that I just bought from Romwe. Also, I might choose a bag or purse that’s spacious so it’ll fit all my things in there like notepads, my bulky wallet (full of receipts, mind you. LOL), makeup kit and other knickknacks. This site has literally tons of bags in stock and so many to choose from. I ended up drooling on each one so maybe I’d just include them all to my super long Christmas Wishlist for now. Haha! How about you guys? Are there bags that you fancy having this year?

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