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Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Hello my dearest and lovely readers! I miss all of you soooo much! Bad blogger, you say? Guilty. I just took a breather from all blogging stuff lately so to start anew, I'm just going to share some of the things mostly beauty products that I purchased recently. So why the onslaught of beauty products you say? Because when I bought a new makeup brush set, I automatically thought - well why not buy a new set of eyeshadow palette as well? That will go very well with the brush so I can practice my makeup application skills. Soooooo being the impulsive buyer that I am, I ended up with more than what I originally planned to purchase. Oh well. Are we in the same rut? I feel you, girl.

First off, I bought this cute little tube of liquid foundation from a local mall and almost impulsively because I thought I needed it. Haha! It wasn’t that pricey though. This Ever Bilena foundie just cost me 130php and I plan to use on special events only – I don’t use foundries on a daily basis.

Ever Bilena Advance Foundation

Next up, is this ELF Eyelid Primer that I ordered from Beauty’s Treasures – a Zamboanga-based online shop. I would have ordered this online but what the heck! We have it here so why spend for SF? Haha! It’s just around 120php for a small tube with a doe foot applicator brush. I am loving this product so far! It totally helps to secure the eyeshadow on to my lid and gives it vibrant finish.

ELF eyelid Primer

 Next are my lippy purchases. Okay, I admit that I am addicted to lippies! I definitely wont last a day without it (quoting Carpenters!) Hahaha. It's because my lips look super pale which in turn makes me look sick or something so I defo need some splash of color on mah babies. What I have here are a couple o'lippies from Sibella Cosmetics which I bought from Jannie's Sale on FB. I got like 3 awesome lippies for a whooping 150!!!! SCORE! And the fact that I helped Jannie raise funds for Yolanda victims takes the guilt of shopping away, :)  It's actually my first time to hear of this brand though. Also in the pic are my fave Avon lippies! I order them from a friend who deals withe Avon products and sometimes I buy lippies that are on promo or sale. Like who can even resist that? Below the first pic are the shades. So I actually have a couple of dark ones which is just fine because I'm obsessed with them!


This Savvy lippie also came with the 3 for 150 set. I've been using this lippie eversince I got it. I just layer it with my Avon Rose Lippie so it doesn't give me that emo look going on. Haha! 

savvy lipstick
Savvy lipstick

Moving on, my next purchase is something I'd like to call a SPLURGE. Why? Because it's totally pricey that I almost thought twice of buying it. Whoa!! Thought twice! But in the end, I decided I wanted it and counted it as an early Christmas gift to myself. HAHAHA! What a way to justify things. Anyway, it's a 32 piece brush set from Candy Blush. It's a really nice set of soft bristled brushes so it's worth the price :) Posted the whole set on my IG if you wanna see everyhting. Am I a tease? Thank you. 

Bobbi Brown 32 pc brush set

I think that what led me to buy this super cute eyeshadow palette is my brush set. KNow the feeling when you get something new and you just totally have to get another thing to complement it or accessorize it? Well, something like that happened here - I totally lost it and went on to the Props website to purchase this kick-ass 88 eyeshadow palette for 850php. :) This baby contains a mixture of matte and shimmer shadows. :)

PROPS 88 eyeshadow palette
PROPS 88 eyeshadow palette
I also bought this cute hair blower from Lazada just because I wanna style my hair every now and then and this is perf for that :) So far it has done a stellar job!

American Heritage Hair Dryer
Lastly, this ain't really a purchase but a sponsored set from the owner of Flawless Zamboanga, an online shop that offers Sutla and other whitening products. I was surprised to see that she gave me a whole set which contains a scrub, lotion, bleaching cream, facial cleanser and bath soaps. I thought "Tingnan natin if di pa ako puputi neto". HAHAHA. I will be posting a review of the product set very soon <3

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Those are just some of my BEAUTY purchases for the past month. I am quite happy with them and I hope I can maximize my usage too. So tell me, have you had any recent purchases? Do share!


  1. Hi sis. Your complexion is fair enough :D
    Anyways, I'll be looking forward to your personal verdict of the Sutla set & the flawless soap ;) - Q's Place

  2. looking forward on your review on the nice lipstick and the hair blower!

  3. nice lippies and eyeshadow try ko ng gamitin ung EB foundation.. maganda sya sa face.. hindi sya malagkit maski pinapawisan kna..


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