Room Improvements: Update #1

Sunday, November 24, 2013

It has always been one of the things in my bucket list to be able to carry out home improvements especially in my room. I have recently posted on this blog about what I have been up to the past days when I wasn't actively blogging which was to take on the challenge of actually embellishing my room with new tiles, wall color and etc. It's still under construction but I am already coming up with a mood board for the room's theme. From furniture down to the little details such as room decorations which I plan to do myself aka DIYs, the planning literally involves a lot of web surfing for ideas and Youtube watching for the DIY part.

Now, I've always wanted to change or purchase a new bed that'll fit the room once it's done. There isn't enough space in the room for a lot of bulky fixtures/furniture like a bed with a super king size mattress. I'll need a really slim bed with a comfy mattress of course! You want to be able to relax in that room right after a very tiring day at work or after  long night of going out with friends right? So since I was surfing a lot, I was inspired when I found some really affordable mattresses at Cosy Mattress. There are a lot of sizes to choose from depending on your need so shopping there is convenient. 

Next up, I'm super excited to be doing a lot of DIY projects to organize my things like a storage for all the makeup, accessories and office supplies. What I've done so far is list all the DIY projects that I'll be doing and the fun part is shopping for materials. Or I can go and browse at Etsy stores to see what awesome decorations they have available right? So you see this still involved shopping Oh dear, what is my life? Haha!

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