10 Ways to Build a Fashionably Masculine Wardrobe

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The mere idea that men could be fashionable seems like a notion too far-fetched, particularly, if we’re talking about straight men. 

No few words have ever been feared as much as “style”, “fashion”, and “shopping”. For hard-laced straight, mortal men, the mere mention of the words, “style” and “fashion” are considered almost taboo. To some men, associating masculinity with the words could possibly tear off the very fabric of reality. And to ask a man to go shopping with a girl may cause even the strongest-willed to cower in fear. 

Still, the idea of cowering in a corner for fear of forced shopping may not be too manly. So others put on the brave front, respond with, “I’m busy… (insert manly, pathetic excuse here)” and pray that the girls are stupid enough to believe them. Of course, that doesn’t happen, and the girls get to bring the boys over to the mall where they are forced to carry tons of expensive bags, shoes, clothes, and accessories. Worse still, the girls end up deciding that the poor lads should be given “the makeover’. 

But, friends, there is still hope. You can avoid this predicament by simply being fashionable yourself! I can hear the proverbial wails of complaint running through the background. After all, you may be asking yourself these very questions:
  • Men and fashion – do those two words ever mix?
  • Isn’t that a combination that seems as unlikely as oil mixing with water? 
Finally, the question running through your heads: How is that going to help me keep my masculinity?

Well, here are a few good reasons, my friend:
  1. Being fashionable, slick and stylish means girls swoon over you more instead of pampering you with “girly stuff”
  2. Girls think fashionable men look hot. Wearing good clothes make you look and feel hot. That same message translates very well to girls.
  3. You will send the message that you can keep yourself together and maintain a slick, professional look. 
  4. People will trust you more if you wear clothes appropriate for each occasion. Who do you think will gain more credibility? A guy who wears a ski mask and rubber shoes in an office? Or a man who wears a good suit and tie in the same office?
  5. Girls think fashionable men look hot. Period. 
Now that we’ve established why fashion and men should be able to mix, here are 10 ideas to quickly sparkle your new wardrobe/lifestyle. Yes, I just used the word “sparkle”. In this article, “sparkle” is one, bad, masculine word. Moving on…

Suit Up

There’s nothing sexier for women these days than a man in a suit. Why do you think women are swooning over 30 Shades of Grey, neckties, cuff links, Barney Stinson, and Justin Timberlake? The corporate look is the new sexy, especially if it is worn in the right fit. 

Don’t make the mistake of buying suits two sizes too large. Make sure to get your proper measurements before buying suits.

Choose the fabric

Let’s make this simple: buy clothes that are 100% fabric. That means 100% cotton, wool, etc. They look cleaner, sturdier and sleeker.

Quality over quantity

Unlike women, men have the liberty of having a smaller, more practical wardrobe. You don’t have to buy the same pair of shoes in a different color or duplicate the same shirt from a different brand. Men are more for utility and practicality, so to make things easier, choose clothes that are from trusted brands. They are sure to last more and they hardly run out of style. Easy peezy.

Pay attention to details.

Don’t look sloppy; you’ll risk turning girls off.

Get a tux

Yes, prom is over. But, you still need it. You never know when your boss will hold that expensive and classy promotion party, or when a friend gets married, so get one. Think of this as the upgraded suit and tie = girls dig it.

Master the bow tie

Learn how this works so you match up the tux look perfectly.

Get high quality cuff links

Two words: simple and clean-looking. Get at least two pairs.

Get a real pair of shoes

Rubber shoes and sandals are sturdy and flexible. But they shouldn’t be the only pair you have. You’re a man now, which means you need to find a good pair of sturdy, leather, man shoes. Pick one for business/work, and one for days in the field.

Throw away those faded, blue jeans

You’re no longer in college. Invest in quality, simple, neat-looking jeans. Another point of note, skinny men jeans are in and some girls think those look hot in men. If you’re going for the skinny jeans, make sure they are not too skinny. We wouldn't want it to bulge in the wrong places.

Cut your hair short

Yes, this qualifies as part of the style. In fact, this tops off the whole look. Long hair only works well when you were in high school or college and fooling girls that you were one, tortured, artistic soul. Unless you’re part of the emo subculture or a Kurt Cobain reincarnate, you are not licensed to have long hair. You’re in the big boys’ world now. It’s time to start looking like a man.

About the author:
Robert May is a fashion blogger. He is also part of www.10Sterling.com; an e-commerce that sells accessories for men.

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