A Man’s Guide to Choosing Glasses

Monday, December 23, 2013
It used to be that only the nerdy kids in class wore glasses. There was no way that the kids in the cool crowd would be seen sporting a set of frames. Today, however, men’s glasses have become something of a fashion statement, with both celebrities and athletes wearing glasses even when they don’t need them. So if you have recently received a prescription for a new pair of eyewear or even if you just want to stay up with the trends, here is a guide for picking the best frames to compliment your face shape and your style.

Figure Out Your Face Shape
In order to look good wearing eyeglasses, it’s important to choose frames that are proportionate to your face shape. You may be wondering how you would even find out what your face shape is in order to buy a pair of glasses. All you need to do is spend a little time in front of the mirror, or if that doesn’t work, ask a friend or significant other to help you figure out which shape your face is. There are typically five different shapes of men’s faces – round, triangular, square, long and oval.

Round Face
Round faces usually have a curved jaw line with full cheeks. If you have determined that you have a round face shape, then you should look for men’s glasses that are angular to contrast the curvature of your face. Frames that are wide horizontally can help to make your face appear longer. Try to avoid choosing round frames or those with small lenses, as those can accentuate the roundness of your face and may not look proportionate.

Triangular Face
Men who have a triangular face shape are broader across the forehead and have narrow chins. The best frames for this face shape should help to balance your bone structure, so look for frames that are square or heavy-bottomed so that the lower half of your face is accentuated. Top-heavy eyeglasses will only draw attention to a wide brow, so stay away from any frames that are decorative on the top.

Square Face
A square-faced man is equally proportioned between the forehead and the jaw line, but is usually very angular with a strong bone structure. The glasses that look the best on this shape are round or oval, since they contrast with the sharp angles of the chin and jaw. Choosing a square frame will only serve to make your face look even squarer, so try to avoid any glasses that are geometric.

Long Face
There are plenty of men whose faces are long and narrow, and finding good-looking glasses for this face shape is not difficult. It’s best to choose larger, wide frames in order to avoid causing the face to look even longer than usual. Shop for glasses that are horizontally strong that will draw visually across your face instead of up and down.

Oval Face
An oval face can often be the easiest to shop for, since you can get away with almost any shape of frames. You have the freedom to try out some fun and funky glasses, so feel free to have fun and pick something extra trendy.

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Article Written by Jen Blair of The Sprightly Shopper. Follow her on Twitter @sprightlyshop.

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