As Red As It Can Get

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
How busy can this day get? Before I am swept away by my Dipolog trip today, I think it's time for me to post  photos of what I wore for the GNT Annithanks Celebration last November 30. Uh oh, lazy blogger alert! Hahaha! I actually talked about the dress I was about to wear last time and my mom was the one who sew it - so I'm a little bit proud of it. One because I designed it along with my mom so I am able to customize it according to my taste and preference. Two, I didn't spend a lot on it unlike having it made at shops or buying a dress from shops. Three, it matched perfectly with the floral crown I made especially for the event :) Without further ado, here is the red dress in all its glory!

So how do you like my dress? It's very simple, I know but I guess that's what I am aiming for. Besides, it's a church event so simplicity is your best bet. I actually like how the sleeves turned out as well as the rosette that cinches my waist - I think it's a really nice addition to the overall look. And guess what? I'm wearing nude flats. Why? Because I was the MC during the event and it required a lot of standing and walking to and fro so flats are my best option. Anyway, I might put this dress on sale since I won't really use it for another event anyway and I don't like to have it altered too.

Before I end this post for today, let me invite you guys to the TIANGGE NA CLARET, a Christmas Bazaar happening on all Sundays of December 2013. And what's the deal is that SUGAR-RUSH will be there on December 15 to offer the shoppers fashionable clothing like maxi/midi/skater skirts, cropped/loose/printed tops, candy jeggings, colorful pullovers, satchels and a lot more! Me and my partner Yuri Choi will be there to entertain you guys and we can take photos too! <3 It'll be a meet and greet sort of bazaar. It's gonna be our first time so we're both really excited. We will also have a raffle for all our buyers on that day and the prize is something you'll love <3 See you there lovelies!!! 

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