Boyish Beauty: Masculine Trends in Women's Fashion

Tuesday, December 03, 2013
In recent fashion news, the preference for boyish duds and looks, which has been referred to as the 'boyfriend look,' has been gaining momentum. Of course, the feminine adoption of masculine styles is not an altogether new fashion trend. Women have been dressing in traditionally male fashions throughout the past century. Today, women put their own feminine spins on these boyish items that make for a truly singular fashion statement.

The Boyfriend Cardigan
The boyfriend cardigan of today is not your grandfather's cardigan, and though available in multiple colors, you can achieve that more masculine style by opting of a cardigan in black, dark blue, or even brown. A collared shirt beneath this boyfriend cardigan will give the look a more masculine trend; however, you can soften the look by opting for collars with embroidery or adding an accessory like a strand of beads or a scarf. As a long cardigan, this garment adds a layer that can add heft to a super skinny figure or even hide an area you don't want to showcase.

Baggie Jeans
In direct opposition to skinny jeans, baggie or 'boyfriend' denim jeans are all about comfort and low-maintenance. Though they are part of this masculine trend, they are perfectly suitable for women--women as beautiful as Katie Holmes, for instance. She's been known to sport them according to an article by the Telegraph. Add a think black leather belt to accessorize your baggie jeans. You can add a feminine touch by featuring a tight-fitting top or complete you boyish look with a bomber or varsity jacket. 

Many women love to wear masculine jackets that complement their quirky boyish looks. Bomber and varsity jackets are popularly worn. While wearing a boys' varsity jacket might signify boyfriend-girlfriend status in previous decades, not singles happily sport their own models. Designers are even adding feminine touches to the classically male design of these jackets. Bombers jackets are now offered in sumptuous fabrics like silk. Both styles are designed, of course, for the female form so while masculine in nature, they also tend to be sleeker and a touch softer in appearance.

Shirts and Hoodies
Women have long enjoyed wearing male shirts and sweatshirts--either their boyfriend's, husbands, or many even their brother's. Wear a male dress shirt, for example, over skinny jeans. Add a scarf with metallic thread to ramp up the look. Hoodies are comfortable for anyone to wear whether you're out shopping for the day or heading out for a casual dinner. You can spice up the look of your hoodie by wearing a long one over patterned leggings. Add some fashion boots for a fun and funky boyish look.

Ties are a signature piece of the male wardrobe, but women have been adding them to her outfits from time to time. Add a silk tie to your collared shirt and boyfriend cardigan for a completely fun and boyish look. You'll find ties in all sorts of styles. Add a beaded tie to your wardrobe which will be a great conversation piece and a fine alternative to a chunky necklace. Add a decorative pin to you tie for a touch of sparkle.

Loafers are popular right now. Historically associated with men's styles, many women's loafers today are available in a rainbow of fun colors like plum. Loafers can enhance your boyish outfit, but they are also comfortable to wear. Pair them with a cardigan, some knit tights and a skirt. Other women are opting for trainers to complete their boyish styles. These are often available with feminine touches like pink stripes for example. Wear them with leggings or skinny jeans and an oversized sweater or a jersey for your favorite sports team.

Wearing male styles shows your fun side and your ability to adapt any clothing element and make it your own. You can wear these clothes and accessories to a variety of venues. Women love them because they are often more comfortable to wear than many fashions designed exclusively for women. Add several boyish items to your wardrobe and see for yourself how fun and cozy they can be. You'll be surprised at just how often you choose them to wear each week!

About the author: 
Megan Barnes is an avid fashion guru. She loves blogging fresh styles and great trends.


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