Gift Ideas: Mink Apparel

Monday, December 23, 2013
Mink apparel isn't just fashionable, it's insulating. Most often used to create coats, vests, and shawls, mink fur comes from the animal hide of minks, and is processed to be ultra soft, smooth, and durable. The processing that leads to mink fur being suitable for use in clothing involves acids, salts, degreasers and lanolin, and in some instances dyes, toners, and even bleaches. Once processed, mink has a shiny, silky appearance, and is very smooth and soft to the touch.

A ML Furs is definitely a splurge, but makes an excellent gift for a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, or another special occasion. Available in various shades of red, brown, and black, a mink-based vest can be short in length or as long as mid-thigh, and whether worn over a dress or a plain shirt, is sure to create a stunning look. And in winter weather, mink and other types of fur vests can add a much-needed layer of warmth.

With the holiday season close at hand, now's a great time to consider surprising your significant other or a loved one with a gorgeous mink fur vest. Consider the Mary McFadden Ranch Mink Fur Vest, which is a sleek black mid-thigh length vest that provides side slits and zipper enclosures for ultimate comfort and style.

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