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Thursday, December 05, 2013
While many women consider themselves to be easy to shop for, her other half may feel otherwise. It can be hard to gauge whether you should go minimalist, sentimental or all-out and overboard on her holiday gift. Sometimes, finding a gift that is popular and catering it to your significant other is a great way to go. Whether you want to dazzle her with moissanite jewelry or thrill her with new technology, here are popular gift ideas and ways you can make them personal.

A Little Sparkle
It is hard to go wrong with jewelry, so long as you can find a piece that isn’t over-the-top. If you have your eye on a necklace or bracelet, keep in mind that classic pieces tend to go over better than large, gaudy pieces. Make it personal by finding pieces that symbolize your time together. For example, find a charm for her bracelet that has the number of children you have, or a symbol of your vacation spot, like a palm tree.

You can go a little shinier with diamond or moissanite pendants, which are brilliant but still classic-looking jewelry. If all else fails, try to remember trips past the jewelry case and items she seemed to enjoy. You’ll earn double points for getting her a beautiful gift and remembering that she said she liked it.

Wearable Presents
If your bride or girlfriend enjoys clothes, buying her a present she can slip into is a great idea – especially if you know which stores she likes. Head into her closet to make sure you know her size, and then hit the store. Ask the sales staff to help you find a great cocktail dress or blouse that will complement her size and shape – then gift it to her along with a card detailing the when and where of your next date with the expectation that she’ll wear it.

Don’t know her size? You can still get her something thoughtful. If she enjoys cuddling on the couch, consider getting her a luxurious, comfortable bathrobe – you’ll only need to know if she’s a small, medium or large. Pair it with her favorite bottle of wine and copy of her favorite movie. If she enjoys sporting a different bag with every outfit, buy her a new purse from her favorite designer (which you should know by now) and throw a few gift cards to her favorite stores inside.

Go Tech
Anymore, technology touches everyone – even the youngest generations. A fun way to cater a techie gift to your significant other is to purchase something she is sure to use. For example, consider getting her a tablet. Before she unwraps it, download apps she would find useful – from exercise-themed applications to music and games, she’ll be touched that you put the thought into making the device personalized for her.

See a Show
If she has been asking to go to the ballet or the latest hit play, now is the time to get her those tickets. You can go big and spring for dinner reservations and a limo that the two of you can enjoy. Or, consider making it a little more about her and give her the tickets and a certificate to her favorite restaurant and tell her to take her best friend. So long as you keep her interests at heart, you won’t go wrong this holiday season. 

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