Photography has the power to take us to different points of existence

Monday, December 09, 2013

Photography has the power to take us to different points of existence.

There are so many beautiful places, people and things in this world. It is hard for one human being to see it all in one lifetime. With the help of the photography we are now able to see many places or things, which are far away from us. Today we know how the Milky Way Galaxy looks like because we can even see pictures of it, and it is really awesome what a small image can incorporate.

Photography is all about visuals. A photographer takes pictures of something happening in the present time and it can be seen in the future, just like it is at the present moment, with no changes. Photography is visualizing not only tangible entities, but also emotions, feelings and time.

Photographers are visual masters. It is a job, a hobby and a great way to make other people happy. They can make something from nothing. Taking a beautiful picture is not as simple as it seems. There is a lot of work, dedication and observation in every single picture. Every photograph is individual. There are so many pictures of the Miami beach, taken by tens or maybe more Miami Photographers. There are so many images with the Empire State Building, taken by different photographers. And still, it is pretty hard to find two identical pictures of the same thing. It means photographers are all distinct, they have different styles and skills.

Photography takes us to places we have never heard of or we simply have no chance of seeing them for real. You know how Antarctica looks like, just because you have seen pictures of it. We know how the moon looks like up close, just because there are photos taken there. It is kind of magic, how you can get to see a picture of your grandmother when she was 18 years old and get a sight of how she was, until you were born. It is sad to say but is true that a picture sometimes lasts more than a human’s life. Then, all that remains are memories, which can be lit in our heads every time, when looking at a photograph.

The great thing about photography is the power it has to take us to different points of existence. Looking at a picture can make us travel to places, feel emotions and it can give us knowledge about anything that is portrayed in it.

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