Pink and Flowers Never Get Old

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hello awesome people of the world! I am back from my Dipolog Trip which took approximately 3 days? Oh well. I posted an FB status about how I definitely hate land travels/trips. I get nauseated right away unless I pop Bonamine tablets which I did - thank heavens! As for the trip, there's not much to talk about because it was a work-thingy which basically translates to boring stuff. The fun part was that I was able to buy some really cool stuff from Watson's and from the department store. I will be including that in a haul post very soon. Other than that, it's a really nice thing to be back to the city I love and be immersed once again in a busy routine - now that preparations for this coming Sunday's bazaar has gone underway. So much for that, what I really want to share to you guys is this outfit I put together wearing one of the newest additions to my expanding family of footwear --- my World Balance kicks in STANCE. :) Check out the outfit photos that my sister took (Yes! She finally had free time!).
Hot Pink Blazer and Cat Shirt from ROMWE; Peplum Skirt and Floral Crown from SUGAR-RUSH; Stance High Cut Shoes from WORLD BALANCE
Who would ever though of matching a girly skirt with more masculine pieces such as a blazer and a pair of kick-ass high-cut shoes? Well, I certainly did! I just decided to do it in a more subtle manner though by choosing the hot pink color which screams femininity at best. So you see, cuts/textures/styles should never hinder you to create looks that work for you because it is definitely all about individuality and self-expression. I certainly loved how this look came about because they all fit/match perfectly! <3 

I also wanna add in that I rarely use athletic/rubber shoes even sneakers because they really don't fit my style which is girly or feminine but I changed my mind when I saw World Balance's cllection of shoes for women. I was mindblown and I instantly and impulsively wanted to get my hands on them asap! Thank God I got my hands on three (3) of my most preferred style on of which is Stance with the pink lining and black body. I just think that it packs chicness and comfort :) So I never needed to compromise on that ;) 

The weekend is almost here! Don't forget to join my giveaway which ends on the 15th plus Sugar-Rush will be at the Tiangge na Claret on the 15th as well! See you there lovelies! <3


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  2. You look lovely, Kai. :) I love florals and pink hues too. They just make me feel so girly.

  3. You look lovely, Kai. :) I love florals and pink hues too. They just make me feel so girly.


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