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Thursday, December 05, 2013
Hello my dearest lovelies! <3 I am on a roll because I just got a little free time on my schedule right after our Church Anniversary celebration -- ahh it was crazy tiring but it was a very rewarding experience and I feel like it's always a great thing to belong to a wonderful second family! <3 I will be blogging more about that later. Let's now move on to the real topic of this post which is a review of a product which I have already used up a month ago. :)

What is this product you ask? Read the title! No, I kid. It's the Pro-Bio White of Probiohealth Philippines, a local distributor for Probiohealth LLC., a California based dietary supplement / nutraceutical company owned and founded by Japanese-American, Yoshiteru Koide.

So what is Pro-Bio White? It is the FIRST and ONLY whitening capsule which has Probiotics that facilitate the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients in the formula that whitens your skin from within. Probio-White is the First Whitening Supplement that is clinically tested to induced significant whitening benefit as early as week 2 with 98% of the subjects showed visible result; Proven to moisturize and improves skin’s condition in 2-6 weeks of continuous use; Effective in wrinkle reduction and induced skin firming and skin smoothening benefit as early as week 1. Probio-White has a patent pending formula. In the formula, Probiotics (patented strain of Lactobacillus casei KE-99) is one of the key ingredients which aids in better absorption of the other ingredients: Glutathione-reduced, N-acetyl-cysteine, Alpha lipoic acid, Collagen peptide, Sodium ascorbate. Thus, making the product more effective whitening supplement than other 'typical' whitening products.

Now that you guys have enough background on what the product is, let me share what it did for me. I actually got a box containing 30 capsules (2 capsules per packet) as well as an HPPE bottle which contains 30 capsules. So I took around 2 capsules each day for maximum results. One HPPE Bottle costs around Php1,400.00. First off, I love the packaging because it ensures maximum freshness of the product. It's a good thing that they come in packets so you only have to consume what you need for the day and the rest are safely tucked inside the packets. You can carry it around with you and take it out after a meal. :) It's also a plus that you can read the ingredients and other important information on the bottle's and packet's label :))

TBH, I already have quite a fair complexion and other people tell me I don't need to take anything anymore to be whiter. However, I just came from a 3 day work/vacay when Pro-Bio White was sent to me - and this vacay involved a lot of under-the-sun activities which eventually caused my skin to be a little tanned. When I got back from the vacay, I immediately turned to Pro-Bio White to regain my usual color. I have here an unedited photo of me during our trip to Alindahaw Lakeview Resort and you can definitely note that my skin tone has become a little dark.:(

Since I had a month's worth of product to take, I did just that and well, what do you know? Before we went to the next trip I already regained my fair complexion. I would not say that Pro-Bio White did all this because I slather on lotion and invest on soaps with whitening ingredients on them but I must say that the product also did wonders for me. Below is an unprocessed/unedited photo of me before heading on to the airport for Cebu. 

This product also aided in a much better digestion for me. I just felt a little more healthier taking this in. Do I recommend this product? Definitely yes! It has a lot of health benefits for ladies like us. Not only will it whiten your skin (with continuous intake) but will also give you a much better digestion and metabolism, thanks to its probiotics! 

If you guys want to try it, Pro-Bio White is available in all Watson's stores nationwide as well as at Amazon! For more updates, like their FB Page Probio-White, follow on Instagram @probiowhite or visit their website :)


  1. Never tried this one before because I was so afraid. hehe :)

  2. I want to try this, hope this will work for me :) Thank you for the review.

  3. i read so many good reviews about this product,hopefully it works for me!

  4. I've seen this PROBIO-WHITE in ads and even in stores and I am thinking that it's just the same with other whitening capsules. It convinced me to buy this product when I've read in your review that PROBIO-WHITE is the only whitening capsule that has probiotics which helps to absorb those ingredients to have a white skinl Thank you for that relevant facts.

  5. nice review. I've never tried with this product. I want to try it. It seems very effective.


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