Should You Buy the iPhone 5s or the 5c?

Sunday, December 08, 2013
Apple really made waves this year with the launch of their 5C iPhone handset. Apple had always placed themselves at the upper end of the market with their iPhones in the past, rather than getting in there to compete with the Android phones aimed at teens or those on a lower budget, but with the 5C Apple finally launched a product that could allow those who don't want to fork out a small fortune to enter the iOS world.

However, at the same time this new product was launched, Apple also launched the latest gen of their usual top end iPhone – the iPhone 5S. If you are a consumer who loves iPhones and wants to upgrade, you may be wondering why you should choose the new flagship phone over its cheaper little brother. Here we take a look at some of the benefits of each model:
What Is Great About the iPhone 5S

The 5S does have a number of features that weren't given to the entry level 5C model. For one thing, it has the aluminium and glass body we are used to from iPhones (rather than the 5C's plastic body) and looks as sleek and beautiful as you would expect an Apple product to look. It also has a new fingerprint scanner to add extra security and make it faster to unlock your phone – something no other iPhone or iPad has ever had before. This was not applied on the 5C as it is a pretty expensive piece of hardware, the scanner itself using a sapphire as part of its key make up.

Like the 5C and actually, the last two generations of iPhones if you update them, the 5S runs on Apple's new iOS 7 operating system, which is a substantial visual upgrade to the previous version and also offers some important new security features. With any new iPhone or iPad that is compatible with iOS 7, you now have to enter your Apple ID before you can turn off the 'Find My Phone' feature, or erase the phone or tablet's memory. This change, while not one of the most obvious to look at, is one of the most significant changes to the Apple mobile operating system from a security perspective.
But How Does the iPhone 5C Stack Up?

You may be thinking that the iPhone 5S sounds fantastic, but what are the actual advantages to investing in it over the cheaper 5C? Well aside from the looks and the fingerprint sensor, there actually aren't that many differences. The 5S has some extra camera features, but other than that, what you have with the 5C is a fully fledged iPhone running the same iOS 7 operating system and giving you access to the same vast library of apps. Some people in fact prefer the look of the iPhone 5C – Apple, as ever, have created something fashionable and stylish which you will want to own. It comes in a range of colours (again, a new thing for iPhones) and feels solid and sleek rather than like a cheap, plastic phone body.

Essentially, the choice you make between the two devices won't come down to what you use your phone for, but the look you like. The 5S is sleek and professional, whereas the 5C is cheerful and fun. If you want all of the features of an iPhone at a less terrifying price than the top end model has always been, it is a no brainer to pick the 5C. However, if you want the Rolls Royce of phones, you are going to go with the sleek and shiny 5S.
Whichever You Choose – Protect It

The iPhone 5C may be the cheapest phone Apple have ever released, but it is still far from a throwaway device in terms of cost. While iOS 7 did introduce a lot of features that make it harder for phone thieves to wipe and resell the iPhone, it is still always going to be a popular target for opportunist phone robbers. Because of this, whichever model you choose, it is a good move to buy an insurance policy to cover it.

There are a number of ways to insure your new iPhone, but for most consumers, the cheapest and most comprehensive option is to go with a gadget insurance specialist like phone insurance. This is because these policy types are designed exclusively for phones and therefore don't have any of the unusual caveats and conditions you may find in your home and travel insurance if you try to claim for a lost, stolen or broken mobile.

Both the iPhone 5S and the 5C are really great new models, and well worth trying out, but whichever one you buy it is still worth insuring it to protect yourself against theft or other issues you may have while you own the device.

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