2013: A Year of OOTDs

Thursday, January 02, 2014
HAPPY NEW YEAR! <3 Wow! I simply cannot believe that 2013 has gone by that fast and that now we're gonna be facing 2014 already. I think that a lot has happened in 2013 that made us all happy and a bit sad but that's all behind us now (lyrics of a song? lol) and we're glad that the good Lord has blessed us with a new day. I'm pretty sure a lot of us have been coming up with bucket lists or resolution lists for the new year - it might be a sign that we're up for change. I am already drafting mine and maybe in a few more days I would share it to you guys. For now, like what I have mentioned on my FB status, I made a collage out of all the looks/outfit posts that I came up with 2013. I did this last year for my 2012 looks just to sort of see how I've done throughout the year. I like to see all my looks in one place so I can easily track progress. Haha! <3 Here they are lovelies! Read more to see all the photos :)

Why do I feel like I'm looking at different girls in the pictures? Haha! It must be how diverse my style is. However, one thing is constant - my skirts/dresses. Hehe. Overall, I was able to publish 80 outfit posts in one year. That could have been more if I wasnt being a lazy blogger at some point but hey I am quite proud of myself for painstakingly coming up with these looks/posts which takes forever to write and process. HAHA! Maybe one of the things in my bucket list would include to do more than 80 OOTDs by the end of the year 2014. Fair enough :)

Now tell me lovelies, how did I do for the year 2013? Comment below and we'll talk about it <3

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